Saturday, February 26, 2011

its a slippery slope...

this 'not getting around to it' thing.

but there is one thing I haven't "slipped on" recently, and thats my workouts. YAY me.

I've been doing the 9 week challenge on my EASports Active. I just completed #26.

they've been getting harder and longer, more intense and just plain SWEATY! I'm loving it.

Some days I don't want to, but I do it. Like yesterday. I really did NOT want to do it. but I pushed myself and told myself everything that I would regret if I didn't. So  I did. I feel so much better for it.

I needed new jeans (isn't it always the way, you find a pair and then buy 3 of them just because you know you won't be finding anymore like those anytime soon...)so off I went to the store. Grabbed a bunch of 12s and 14s. SHOCK ME, SHOCK ME, SHOCK ME! they didn't fit! I had to go back out and find smaller sizes. I'm wearing a 10 now. Its been about 16years since I've worn a 10. YAY me! They are a teensy bit snug, but they fit better than the 12s.

So although the scale says I dropped one pound (yeah...ONE), there's a size difference happening. Along with the endurance and strength.

Yesterday was a sad day for me too. My chiropractor is leaving, going back to Australia. <insert SAD face here>. boo hoo...he's done amazing things with my feet, legs, hips. he's the first dr of any kind to grab my knee and say "this is the spot" and be right on about it. I'm sad about his leaving, but so happy that I have gotten to have this much work done on my body and learned a few new exercises and stuff to keep the body moving. I'll miss him. But there are lots of other dr's at their office that can keep me in shape.