Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ugly feet...

the Dailymile is running a contest. Share your ugly feet! 

well, I had ugly feet! they're still funny looking, but not so bad. 

I had a bunion on my right foot. Here's the journey of my new foot! 

The night before surgery, bye bye bunion! bye bye foot pain!

Just got home from! Its really numb! and hasn't swollen up yet. 

Day 2! Here's the swelling! and the freaky colours! Oh my! Still numb!

Have to add some humour, the toes got cold! 

1 week, still swollen, still funky colours. Not much pain (as long as I don't throw a hissy fit over a cupcake and refuse to take the painkillers....) 

Stuck on the couch for 2 weeks.....no one would look good after that! especially since the kid kept taking my ice packs....

6 weeks post surgery! time for the pins and packing to come off! YAY! EWWWWW! and now it feels fragile. 

Wow! cleaned it up and it feels so much better! strange not having all the bandaging on there. Felt mighty naked for a while. There's nothing holding the foot together anymore! no pins, or bandages or padding. 

Cover up the pinholes, don't want anything getting in there. 

6 weeks after surgery, WOW! its so straight! 

8 weeks, finally found a pair of shoes! Still extremely swollen and tender.

A few months later I did the Walk to End breast cancer - slow and steady I managed to finish the 60k (with a couple of rides of course). 

Umm, ok thats not true. I managed to fracture it during the walk. 

Then I learned to run......

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Finally DONE!

Yesterday was my final workout for the 9 week challenge.

Oh thank GOD!

I was getting so  bored with it!

It has been all I could do just to focus and do it. Not that the workouts are always the same but, I guess I really do need to have some change. 9 weeks was a bit long to do the same thing over and over and over again. I'm going to take some time from the program and hit the treadmill and the bike a lot more. I've been doing it when I've been motivated to get more than the required workouts on the PS3.

I had to buy new pants last week - the other ones were starting to sag off my behind (and falling apart too). It was a shock, go in to the store and grab a few pairs of pants that are the next size down from what I was wearing (a 14), and then have to go back out and find a smaller size; a size I haven't even considered wearing since long before kids, when I didn't pay attention to my size, shape or weight. So now I have some great new jeans that are a size 10. Holy crap. I knew things had changed, but didn't realize that much. Which is hysterical to me, I have lost......1 pound. Thats right, 1 pound . I can tell the size is changing too, there are muscles under that belly skin (that extra skin that gets all stretched out during pregnancy).

I've got a lot more stamina. I can hold my own in a wrestling match, yay me.

Now today, I believe I'm going to go play on my treadmill.