Saturday, March 12, 2011

Finally DONE!

Yesterday was my final workout for the 9 week challenge.

Oh thank GOD!

I was getting so  bored with it!

It has been all I could do just to focus and do it. Not that the workouts are always the same but, I guess I really do need to have some change. 9 weeks was a bit long to do the same thing over and over and over again. I'm going to take some time from the program and hit the treadmill and the bike a lot more. I've been doing it when I've been motivated to get more than the required workouts on the PS3.

I had to buy new pants last week - the other ones were starting to sag off my behind (and falling apart too). It was a shock, go in to the store and grab a few pairs of pants that are the next size down from what I was wearing (a 14), and then have to go back out and find a smaller size; a size I haven't even considered wearing since long before kids, when I didn't pay attention to my size, shape or weight. So now I have some great new jeans that are a size 10. Holy crap. I knew things had changed, but didn't realize that much. Which is hysterical to me, I have lost......1 pound. Thats right, 1 pound . I can tell the size is changing too, there are muscles under that belly skin (that extra skin that gets all stretched out during pregnancy).

I've got a lot more stamina. I can hold my own in a wrestling match, yay me.

Now today, I believe I'm going to go play on my treadmill.

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