Saturday, April 9, 2011

Walking, Running, Lifting....its all in a days work.

Walking - we do it all day every day without conscious thought. Until now, that is how its been. Except of course when I was working up to the WEBC those few years I did it, and after my foot surgery (you really do use your feet I found out). We walked to and from school almost every day - there was a morning and an afternoon we missed because of appointments. But, 3.14km X 4 days is....12.56km. Not bad. We have to go to school every day right? might as well make it a good healthy start for the day.

Victoria barely made it home yesterday. She was so tired. Finally! after 7.5 years of running the kid hard, we've managed to exhaust her. It took 4 days of walking to school, an hour or so of trampoline after dinner every night, and 2 hours of gymnastics. My super active, child of constant motion was WIPED out. But, she did manage to jump a bit on the trampoline after dinner; of course she was thoroughly out bounced by her little sister. Bedtime came and she was out like a light. 

Running - I ran a few times this week, treadmill only because it was still pretty icy on the sidewalks and well...I don't want to slip! 

Lifting - I did a weight routine. Then I shoveled out the little trailer to sell, 3-4 inches of solid ice underneath 5inches and more of snow (we shoveled the snow up around the trailer...oops). it took me an hour. All I could think of when I finally finished was, WOW! if this was last year I wouldn't have been able to do it all in one go! I'd have to stop and start many times over. But this time my endurance held through. 

I also had the dubious honor of helping to lift the topper off the new truck. It slipped (I don't know which one of us lost grip) and rolled over my wrist as I was holding it. Wrist is now a lovely shade of yellow/brown/purple. ow. Today I got to help put the topper back on, guess what I did.....yep. Rolled it across the wrist again. More bruise. 

Its been a good week, an exhausting week, but a good week. We've all gotten sunshine (YAY), all the girls have freckles across their noses, their hair is lighter already, they all have lots more energy, I've got more energy (not much but there's more), and we really can't wait for it to actually GET WARM!

Once its warm....I get to bring my bike out of the garage!! YAY!! Pin broke on the trainer so I couldn't use that, booo.

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