Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Did you know that chiropractors work on joints other than your back?

I had NO idea!

But I have this fabulous new chiropractor, who has been working on 'the foot'. Cracking it, popping it, massaging it, active release therapy too. The first while, holy crap it HURT!!

But weeks of work, there is no more cramping, no more giant knot. WOW! it feels......good!

Then he started working farther up, the calf. There has always been a giant knot right in the middle, that awkward spot that you just can't get right and really don't want anyone else to because it hurts so much. Well, there is a small amount of knot left, but not much.

We had our first race on Friday night, on ice in the cold with a LOT of people. My hips hurt. So on Monday we started working in the hip, I did not know you could make a hip go *pop*. Evidently! Hurt like an SOB, but wow the mobility has improved.

Tomorrow I shall run again!

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