Saturday, January 22, 2011

Whoops missed a week.

Not the exercise part...but the blog part. Life has been busy, one kid is sick. Miserably, snotty, watery MESSY SICK. thankfully not the barfy sick (although I think that sometimes barf is easier than boogers).

I've been doing the EASports. I have a problem with challenges. I can't let myself slip, I get really darn depressed and cranky when I do. So, I've been kicking my own ass. along with that snotty trainer on the game. She's MEAN! she's NASTY! and doesn't let me slack off. But then thats also partially my fault again.....I just HAD to change it to the medium setting. Smartass.

My back hurt really bad this week, could barely bend down to tie my shoes it hurt so bad. OW.

Of course the chiropractor lectured (with a smirk) me on proper stretching, and the need to work on my core. yeah yeah...I know.

So, I've got an appointment on Monday morning with the exercise therapist at the health centre. she's going to work me through a bunch of workouts (I think) that will help with my core. I'm not exactly sure what she's going to do to me, she seemed nice when Iwas introduced last week. I asked what I need to wear, they said "whatever you workout in at home" hahahahahaha....yeah. THOSE don't go out in public.

We shall see.

Time to go wash the good running bra....

oh yeah! thats what else I didn't share on my 'gear post'. My running bra! I love this thing!

I have the Juno, by Moving Comfort. Got it from the Running Room for $60ish dollars - MUCH more affordable than some that are available for the....bustier girls. extremely comfy, don't put it on with anyone in the same room though as it can cause extreme laughter.


  1. This is what drew me to you. Isn't that AWFUL? Ha! But I saw your answer to a sports bra forum question on Daily Mile. I am busty, too (38DDD!), and have had a hard time finding a bra that works. I've worn two bras at once for years but it's sooooo uncomfortable. I'm going to purchase one of these bad boys and see how it goes. Thanks! :o)

  2. lol, us busty girls have to stick together.

    Its one of the reasons I've never really been active. then I found this one at the Running Room and WOW. just WOW. lol

    Holds everything in, and isn't too expensive.