Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Run! Run as Fast as you can! you can't.....

oh, who'm I kidding? I can't run fast!

I hit the treadmill today.

Dropped off the shorty at school, the other two were playing on their new love...the PS3.

I left off the C25K program a couple weeks ago (not precisely sure which day I stopped....) at W4D1. So, today that is what I did!

oh dear...the second set of run 5 min nearly did me in. I was gasping and grunting away...but I did it! I didn't get nearly as far as I thought I did (I thought 5k, but was only 3.25) but hey thats a faster pace than my normal!

I just have to figure out how sync my new HRM and I'd know what my ticker was doing.

and then....a wander around the zoo. with a full backpack it was tough going. My back hurts, my hips are killing me. I think its a good night to hug my icepack and my hotpad. do some stretches and just relax.

then tomorrow....I'm thinking about test driving the new EASports Active I got for Christmas.

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