Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hey its a new year!

Welcome 2011.

I'm going to conquer you!

I'm going to RUN!

I'm going to RIDE!

and most of all, I'm going to have FUN doing it!

Today I'm motivated, I'm sore, I feel like phooey. But I'm ready.

Last night I did what I never thought in a million years I would do, I ran in a race, not a race with timing and stuff, but a Resolution Run. 5k around a loop with sub zero temps, 1500 people, and a dayglo orange jacket (a few layers under that orange jacket).

so today, my legs, hips, and back hurt for a good reason. I did something!
yay me!

here's to a great physical year!

and just for fun....I got the EASport Active for PS3. Haven't used it yet....but once the trio are back in school I will.

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